Category Five: Artist Review

Posted on September 26, 2015 by Matty Mudshovel in Music Reviews


Review By: Sweet Kenny


Category Five plays R&B, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Standards, Motown, and Easy Listening. Music spanning the generations from the 1960’s up to and including the current songs.


Category Five is a Detroit Michigan-based band that thoroughly entertains their audiences!!


This group has some of Detroit’s best seasoned players in its lineup.

I got to review this bands music and background and all I can say is WOW!! This Band Has Some Talent In It!! Five lead vocalists plus their Guest lead vocalist!!

The Bassist, lead and background vocalist “Christopher Kent” started playing music at around 5 years old. His mother played piano for the church and she got him interested in music. Mr. Kent started with the drums; moved on to playing lead guitar, followed by the keyboards and the upright bass which lead him to play the electric bass. he’s played with numerous groups and celebrities including Connection of Soul Band, The Charm Band, Danny Blue, and The High Style Band, and The Hastings Street Blues Band just to name a few. He’s known as “UC”, The Unknown Creator, and has been playing and writing music over the course of 40 years.

The lead singer and background vocalist “Geraldine 'Geri' Mitchell” began her singing career in the church choir as an “Alto Singer”, her love of jazz, R&B, and Gospel music has given her the opportunity to share the stage with such artist as, Misty Love, Lady Champagne, and Jackie C, just to name a few.


The keyboardist, lead and background vocalist “Mark Croft” is actually a professional trumpeter, with over 30 years under his belt. Mr. Croft has gained experience as a performer, composer and arranger who is comfortable in a variety of genres from straight-ahead jazz to blues and R&B. Over the course of his career he has performed with the likes of Aretha Franklin, “Dizzy” Gillespie, David “Fathead” Newman, The Floaters, Martha Reeves, Gladys Knight, The Detroit Wind Symphony, The Detroit Metropolitan Orchestra, and the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church String Orchestra. In 2006 Croft performed with his band Impact 7 at Superbowl XL in Detroit. In 2014 Croft performed with nationally renowned vocalists Jennifer Holiday and Will Downing.


The other keyboardist, lead and background vocalist George Posey joined the band after this review was written.


Next, we have WoodBangers member: guitarist, lead and background vocalist “Michael Stevenson”, a guy that I call a friend and fellow guitar player, I met Michael at a recording session back in the late ’90s and we just hit it off. Michael is one of the finest musicians I know; his background in music is one of the finest in Detroit. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Michael Stevenson began his guitar studies with Mr. William Warren at the Northwestern House of Music and Dance. There he later obtained a position as a teacher of guitar, bass, harmony, and theory. Michael has traveled extensively across the USA, Canada, and Japan, as a member of the Show Bands: “U.C.C.B” and “Sweet Taste of Sin/Sweet Story”, he has done numerous recording sessions and Motion Picture soundtracks; including “American Pop”. Michael has shared the stage with many great artists as well as backing them, artists like Ike and Tina Turner, The Funkadelics, Dennis Edwards, David Ruffin, The Dramatics, and the list goes on.


There’s so much more to tell you about this band and its players from Detroit that it would fill a good size book. Each one is a great in his or hers own right, they all bring talent and it shows in their performances and music. They all have a grace in playing and performing that you just don’t see any more in a band. It was a great pleasure reviewing them and on behalf of WoodBangers We wish them all the best!

The newest member is drummer, lead and background vocalist "Joe Tandy" who also joined after this review was written..


Kenneth Sutton