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NumberOneMusic Charts | week 11, 2016

Hi Category Five Band in Detroit! Congratulations, Your song is #1 for R&B in United States, Michigan!

A Category Five rehearsal



Here are a couple of responses that we just received from our page at


Gerard Coffman wrote: "Diggin' the style! Excellent work!"


Dustin Mellon wrote: "A Dangerfield rehearsal, love it, need more tracks like this you're better than many fake artists out there"


Hung Morin wrote: "My friend and I had a great time listening to ya stuff at N1 today. I think it's awesome that you stepped outside mainstream sounds, took a chance and tried something different. We love the tracks and want to see your worldwide success.


Got to have the album because we love this flow. 'But Without You' has become one of our favorite songs."




Adriana wrote:

"Hi, you know it's always feels good to listen to some good music like yours. Keep it on and never give up."


"It is more than a pleasure to listen to “But Without You” daily.
Thank you for being there and making such a great music for us!"



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Posted on September 26, 2015 by Matty Mudshovel in Music Reviews



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Category Five

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